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A Letter From the Owner

To Our Valued Customers, 

I started Tier 1 Auto Detailing in 2016 with a pocket full of money, a mind full of ideas and a great deal of passion for detailing. I was raised as a "Car Guy" and have always loved fine automobiles. I really love exotics! I have detailed just about everything from $300,000 Rolls Royce Wraiths & Mclarens down to $500 daily driver cars. My passion for automobiles coupled with me being a stickler for detail makes me the perfect guy for the detailing industry. I have over 10 years of detailing experience and have worked with & trained under some of the country's top detailers. I have personally managed and trained dozens of professional auto detailers.


Here at Tier 1, I can handle all of your detailing needs, from Production Details to Show Car Detailing. I am also a master of Paint Correction & Ceramic Paint Coatings as I have done over 200 installs. 

In Summation, 

Have confidence in Tier 1 to handle all your detailing needs. I promise you will see the passion and expertise when your vehicle has been detailed by us! Satisfaction is guaranteed.


William Graves

Owner of Tier 1 Auto Detailing

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